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Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to high school seniors enrolled in either Iredell-Statesville schools or the Mooresville Graded School District. The funds may be used for higher education opportunities or the pursuit of a certified trade.  Each year, interest surveys are made available to candidates in January via school counselors and our website.  Three finalists are then chosen in March to submit their portfolio applications which are reviewed by the Board and the recipient chosen in May.

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To date, the Falconer Foundation has had the honor of bestowing $20,000 in scholarships to local teens, allowing them to continue their commendable chosen path. Another $10,000 will be awarded in 2024.  For students thinking about applying, the characteristics below may help you in determining if this opportunity is right for you.  If you are ready to apply, please complete the Falconer Foundation Scholarship Interest Survey by 5 pm on February 23, 2024.


Please direct questions to Cortney Frasier, Director Falconer Foundation, at

guiding principles

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How have your actions affected those around you or the future?  How has your work changed you?  To what degree do you enact change or plan to?

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What is it that drives you to create or serve?  How do you start your endeavors?  What is your “why”?

When others stop why do you keep going?  What is it about you that refuses to let you rest?

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What keeps you up at night?  What can you not help but do?  What is the thing you love more than anything?

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How many have you influenced with your art or have benefitted from your service?  How far do you cast your net?  Who do you affect?

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When others boast do you reflect?  How do you promote yourself and your work and actions?  How do you see yourself improving?  What do you want others to say about you?

What do you envision that others do not?  What makes your work distinguishable from others?

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What do you dare that no one else would even consider?  How do you push yourself past your own limits?  What do you fear?

What qualities do you insist upon in your final product?  How do you encourage others to align with your expectations?

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What makes you who you are?  Why are you unique?  What do you most like about yourself?

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